Midi Katapult for the Launchpad with MY Traktor Layouts & My Midi mappings

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What is it?

Katapult is a very flexible mapping application for the Novation Launchpad and apple iPad. It allows you to map customisable multipage layouts to the Launchpad or iPad and send the MIDI output to any MIDI application or device. Katapult supports bi-directional communication, meaning that your software can update the controls on the Launchpad or iPad surface.

Feature overview,
Map up to 16 pages of different layouts to the Launchpad.Katapult supports bi-directional communication. Twist a knob in your software, and the corresponding control on the Launchpad is updated like 21st century motorised faders.
Want one controller to update another? Katapult lets you chain controllers together. Endless cross-updating fun!
Customise the colors of any control.
Controller types:
-Hold buttons-Toggle buttons-Horizontal/vertical faders-Horizontal/vertical sliders-Indicator LEDs
-2D Pads-Meters-Progress bars-Note output-CC output-Drumracks-Keyboard macros

Get it!
Download the latest version of Katapult, fresh out of the press, right here.
The download includes documentation, sample layouts, and a corresponding mapping for Traktor Pro.
If you haven’t got a license, Katapult will run in trial mode. No features are locked or disabled in trial mode, but input will be locked after 30 minutes, whereafter the program must be relaunched. The trial is time-unlimited, so you can use it for as long as you want.

Important! You need Java 1.6 to run Katapult. If you are on Mac, you need to install the latest Java update from Apple. If Katapult can’t detect your Launchpad, try downloading the latest drivers from www.novationmusic.com/version archives

Cick here to download Katapult now to try it.

Buy a license
A license for katapult is $19.95.
If you buy a license now, it will be valid for all future updates of Katapult.
Please try out the trial version of Katapult before buying to make sure it meets your needs.
Click the above button to pay through PayPal. A shiny new license code will be sent to your email-address immediately.

MY NOTES & DISCLAIMER:The Midi Katapult apllication itself and links to there website are available directly via http://www.midikatapult.com and any issues with the application should be directed to him-for all general inquiries, email info@midikatapult.com. The PayPal BuyNow options button confirms you are purchasing a liscence for HIS Software and HIS included sample layouts.Download the demo and see for yourself. Once you are as pleased with the app as I was you will most likely want to save the time and hassle of making all the layouts and mapping them yourself.
The only thing i am providing is MY katapult LAYOUT file and MY Traktor,Traktor 2,Ableton – Midi Mapping file (.TSI) which I spent numerous hours making and tweaking.It fully supports TRAKTOR 2 and its new samplers when in “2 decks and 2 samplers view”, and uses advanced effects on FX1 Deck A, and 3 effects on FX2 Deck B.
I also provide a Labelled Reference Sheet for printing off to use. This has been tested and in use for me for over a year now and i love it! I also use Ableton at the same time in User1 mode.
So Download his demo and try it out and then come back and buy MY layouts,traktor.tsi file and the reference sheet.Well worth the $10.
Anything you may want to add or help fix in my layouts, just let me know.

Click the below link to buy MY working katapult layout file, traktor.tsi file , and reference sheet(.pdf) for $10.cdn.
Click here to BUY NOW!